Fitting in my wider interest of texturing… Feedback 0015758: Extend area where Detail Map+Surface Textures Blend together (at a specific level of best effect – 50%?)

Gallery analising the issue

Video demonstrating tentative effect improvement

(note to followers: a family issue has prevented me to keep you up to date, I am counting on returning when things get fully sorted)

Recently in one of those scripting queries a curious (for me) trigonometry question was posted. I’ll quote:

I have a triangle like this:

Triangle with notations

I know “c”, and “beta”. I don’t know “a” and “b” nor “alpha” BUT I know the ratio of a and b (eg. b = 2a).

How could I get a, or alpha?

I will need it because I want two units (starting at A and B, and whose distance, and speed I know: that will give a and b ratio, but changing) to meet.


If i had known better at the time, I would have gone immediatly to a triangle solutions cheatsheet. The answer would jump into my lap, but this is what I would find:

(…)Thus a triangle can be solved when given any of the following information:

  • Three sides (SSS)
  • Two sides and the included angle (SAS)
  • Two sides and an angle not included between them (SSA)
  • A side and the two angles adjacent to it (ASA)
  • A side, the angle opposite to it and an angle adjacent to it (AAS).

Let’s review: We have one side, an angle and… a ratio of (remaining) sides? Are we in a dead end? As it happens we are not! let me show how…

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Beta Multiplayer

Downloads v1.5 Multiplayer beta v1.6 Multiplayer beta


Allows to accelerate the server in-game daytime maintaining the rest of the simulation normal “speed” intact

Main advantage is to let a client keep a smooth time update rate, while keeping the server load and bandwith in check

Can be used only as a server/client time sync facility (ie. with no time compression)

Includes server admin config menu

Includes client config menu

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We all know Arma 3 is still in alpha, in the meantime BadBenson noticed the current texture used to add detail to the map surface is the same used in Takistan (map included in Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead). He made some spetacular alternatives to use as an addon. I decided to take my shot too.

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Downloads v1.2 Singleplayer v1.4 Singleplayer


Allows to accelerate the in-game daytime maintaining the rest of the simulation normal “speed” intact.

New version includes a settings panel for on the fly setup

All settings are updated realtime (care was taken but beware: you may hog your CPU)

New version allows basic Weather manipulation

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* Screenshot shows version information in the hint dialog and received information confirming both map positioning and player position on map in the sideChat (showing internal coordinates)

Description: (Tentative)

Arma extension that mimics the in-game moving map as an external aplication which one can lay in a second monitor or even via network on a secondary computer.

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Downloads – Bitbucket

Arma 2: OA Extension (dll) which allows reloading of “under development” extensions without the need to restart Arma.


After Arma starts up and loading a mission the extension dlls become locked making it difficult to recompile a new extension version which is under development and test it with the host script forcing one to quit Arma and restart it, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

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Downloads – Sandbox | Armaholic | Armed Assault


Allows to accelerate the in-game daytime maintaining the rest of the simulation normal “speed” intact.

Mimics time acceleration found in GTA series and others.

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Downloads – Sandbox | Dev-Heaven

Quoting Bug #28068 in Community Issue Tracker in dev-heaven:

«Large pine trees and mature oak trees in Chernarus have no viewblock properties. This means that the AI can detect units hiding behind them. They can see you through over a foot of solid wood, and may shoot through the edges, unfairly killing you.»

AI detecting units incorrectly

maturin expanded his discovery in the forum…

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Downloads iPhone and Firefox versions for offline use

Desktop browser online version Launch

iPhone Safari online version Launch


Ballistics computer for use with the M252 and 2b14 mortars. *Approximates Project Reality’s fire solutions it was not deeply tested in Arma 2 alone

Versions had to be made seperately since iPhone Safari has more restrictive image loading limits, which are used has heightmaps to be used in the calculations.

for the iPhone an httpconf for httpd is included in download, it was used in a jailbroken iPhone for self-serving the webapp (i leave to you to discover this instalation)

Only maps used in Project Reality at the time are supported (Takistan and Zargabad)

(This one’s an oldie, from the depths of my mobile)

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